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Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce

A Developers Guide to Deploying Windows Forms Applications

by Brian Noyes


Deployment has been a thorn in the side of developers for a long time. ClickOnce eases deployment of Smart Client applications, and thus has been one of the most eagerly awaited new features of Windows Forms 2.0. While an experienced .NET developer can learn the basics of ClickOnce in about fifteen minutes, problems arise when you start trying to apply ClickOnce in real-world applications, which invariably are more complicated than the classroom. This is the first complete guide to real-world use of ClickOnce, and gives a perfect balance of theory and practice – explaining how and why ClickOnce works the way it does, so that readers can then know how to apply and use ClickOnce in their own particular applications.


This book covers the following topics:

  • Smart Client Deployment and Architecture Overview
  • Initial Deployment with ClickOnce
  • Automatic Updates with ClickOnce
  • On-Demand Updates with the ClickOnce API
  • Managing Application Files
  • ClickOnce Security
  • Deploying Prerequisites with the Bootstrapper
  • Advanced ClickOnce Topics


You can download the sample code here:  Sample Code (10MB)


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